Villager Support

Contact information

CPH Village Office
Refshalevej 161 D. ST. TH.
1432 Kbh. K.
Drop-in hours: Thursday afternoon from 16.00-17.00

Support, Repairs and apartment service


Emergency contact

In case of an immediate flooding call our plumbers emergency number MIH VVS: (+45) 32 59 25 25

In case of fire call 112.


You can order an extra key at our office, by appointment only. Please expect a min. 7 day delivery time. The cost is 500 kr. as deposit. You will need to sign for your key, just as you did with your first key.

Send an e-mail to with the subject line "extra key".

Lost key

We can make you a replacement key and blacklist your old key, so it no longer functions in neither your front door or private door.

The cost for a replacement key is 750 kr.

Send an e-mail to support@cphvillage with the subject line: replacement key.

Moving out

You can terminate your rental contract on Please beware of the following rules regarding moving out of CPH Village:

Notice period

Your notice period, or the time between contract termination and when the rental contact is over, is three months. You are responsible for paying rent during the notice period.

Paying rent during notice period

You are responsible for paying rent in the notice period, but we will deduct the amount from your prepaid rent. You still have to make transfers for utilities. This will be reflected in the invoices we send you in the notice period.

Moving out before the end of the notice period

You can move out of your apartment before the end of the notice period, and can make that request in the exit form. If relevant, CPH Village will attempt to find a new villager to move in during your notice period. In that case, you will be reimbursed pre-paid rent for the period in question.

Security deposit

You put down a security deposit of three months' rent when you moved in with us. The security deposit covers the costs of painting and doing repairs to your apartment, if necessary. Your deposit will typically be returned 14 days after your last day in the Village.


I want to book a space or host an event

Send your suggestion by filling out this form.

Contact: Christina Fleuron

Can I use the parking lot?

If you're a resident with a car registered in your own name you can apply for a P-license, that allows you to park for free on Refshaleøen. Please send an e-mail to There are a limited number of licenses available for residents. You will need to sign and renew your application twice a year. The card is strictly for personal and residential use.

For guests and visitors you simply follow the parking rules of Refshaleøen. You have to pay for parking- and the easiest option is to download and use the app Easypark. There are also parking meters.

Help with contract, rent, study check, exchange or legal matter

Questions about the rental contract, paying rent, receiving housing subsidies, study confirmation, going on exchange, moving out or any legal matter, please contact our support.