Tour inside the apartments

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In the spring of 2018, we invited our friends at Space10 and HAY to take part in designing the interior of two Refshaleøen apartments. The efforts resulted in the following solutions, based solely on off-the-shelves products and small space flair.

Room with a view

Our first village is located in right on the harbour in Refshaleøen. From the water-facing apartments, you have a vantage point on Nyholm with Copenhagen city centre in the background.

Skjermbilde 2018-12-19 kl. 16.32.54.png

Natural lighting

All apartments have a glass wall in one end of the unit, letting in rich amounts of daylight. In addition, first floor apartments are equipped with skylights from Velux.



Although modest in size, the kitchen area is equipped with a fridge with freezer, sink, work surface and an induction hot top.

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The apartment’s inside surfaces are largely reused container and thus not possible to drill holes into.

We provide new villagers with a selection of magnets that allows for stuff to hang wherever they please.

Shared but private

Our villagers share their bathroom and entrance with the person living on the other half of their container. The stairwell between houses functions as a make-shift balcony.

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Skjermbilde 2018-12-19 kl. 16.32.25.png


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