The Village Way

We want to create the best place to live. For people and for the planet.

In the next five years, our goal is to offer 2500 homes in Copenhagen and demonstrate the sustainable life as the most attractive. We work to reach that goal by strengthening sustainability in three dimensions; Social, Environmental and Economical:

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👋 Social

Because strong communities foster empowered citizens. We want to create villages where people are happy with their everyday lives and positive about their future.

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🌍 Environmental

Because we need to change how we live. The resources of one Planet Earth should be enough to support a world of villagers.

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💶 Economical

Because we want to make the best available for the many. The Village Life should be achievable for under 1000 USD per month.


Our villagers are at the forefront of our exploration. The community is characterised by taking action, being curious and creating better solutions by working together. Our way of living together is guided by the following principles:

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How to village

👋 We say hi to each other.

🔨 We find answers by testing solutions.

✨ We leave things better than they were.

♻️ We share what we own and reuse what we can.

🗣️ We value diverse perspectives and different opinions.

🔓 We invite our neighbours to join our exploration.

Follow our exploration in the Village Journal. Join us by sending an application below.