What is a Village without a kiosk? We’re setting up shop and transforming our old offices into a Village KIOSK. We want you to design and operate the best (and first ever) KIOSK at Refshaleøen! A local staple where you buy a cup of morning coffee at a Villager discount, pick up a newspaper or maybe that roll of toilet paper you’re missing.

The KIOSK will run in a test period from April - October this year.

We’re looking for a KIOSK team of three people. The type of persons with big smiles and small egos, that are enthusiastic about creating great customer experiences. You’ll primarily be working behind the counter, stacking shelves, playing nice tunes, baking fresh croissants - and selling goods. When there’s downtime you’ll take the lead on one of the three positions described below.

3 positions

  • KØBMAND: You’ll take the lead on selecting and buying goods to fill the shelves, scheduling shifts, making sure things run smoothly, and in charge of simple economic reporting. You’ll draft a mini-business plan and putting it to the test!

  • KIOSK COMMUNICATOR: You’ll take the lead on marketing the KIOSK, setting up Facebook and Instagram accounts, sharing weekly posts, creating polls for products, and maybe even crafting ideas for pop-up events.

  • KIOSK DESIGNER: You’ll take the lead on the physical design. Your first big goal is to create a nice indoor space. Next up, you’ll test how to use outdoor spaces to nudge visitors and ensure privacy for villagers.

How will we help?

We’ll support you along the way. Our friends from Nørrebro kiosk Depanneur & their Creative Agency Barkas are members of an Advisory Board for this project.

Your qualifications

We’re not too concerned about your past work experience. What really matters is that you’re enthusiastic about running a small business, creating great customer experiences and testing new ideas. Bonus if you’ve worked a Summer job in a busy ice-cream stand, behind the counter in supermarket or waited tables.

To become a part of the KIOSK team, you must be:

  • 😍 A smiling people-person who can create a great atmosphere.

  • ⚡️ A self-starter who can make things happen!

  • 📢 Great at communicating in both Danish and English.

We can offer you

  • 🤘🏾Being part of a kick-ass team who will start and run a business from scratch

  • 🚀 The opportunity to work with Depanneur & Barkas to get 1:1 feedback on your ideas

  • ✔️ A chance to make an impact in your local neighbourhood

Salary & work hours

All three positions are paid student jobs. You’ll work 15-20 hrs. a week. Work hours are primarily placed in the afternoon and during the daytime on weekends. You’ll join the KIOSK team for the full duration of the test, from April 15th - October 1st, 2019. We’ll evaluate at the end and if it’s a viable business it’s possible to extend your employment. Start date: April 15th, 2019.

How to apply

Fill out the application below.

Name *
What role are you interested in?
Feel free to include references to places/cafés/bars/clubs with a vibe you'd like to recreate.


Friday, March 15th. We’ll interview candidates on a running basis, so please apply as soon as possible. If you have any questions write or call Community Officer, Christina: cfl@cphvillage.com / 61276665 (please call between 2 pm - 4 pm on weekdays)