Affordable student housing

There has been a rapid growth in student housing prices in Copenhagen the past years.

New data published by DR show that the average price of a room with no amenities is at an all time high; you have to pay more than 6000 DKK pr. month in certain parts of town. The average in central areas is well over 5000 DKK pr. month.

“These levels are out of reach for many students wanting to avoid taking loans or working excessively and compromise time spent on actual studying. It’s simply unsustainable and I believe we need to innovate on this topic and create affordable housing for students in Copenhagen as fast as possible.”
– Frederik Noltenius Busck, Co-founder of CPH Village


Price for a room in Copenhagen

Indre by: 5946,-
Nørrebro: 4761,-
Nordvest: 4540,-
Amager: 4997,-
Sydhavnen: 5548,-
Vesterbro: 5517,-
Østerbro: 5133,-



Pushed out

The price level has many negative impacts. Data from Statistics Denmark show an increase in students moving out of the city for the first time in many years. The unaffordable student housing in the central parts of the city is the key explanation, according to The National Union of Students in Denmark. Research shows that students tend to drop out from educations the further away from the educational institution they live.

living centrally.png

Fewer students in central areas

The red field show that there are fewer students pr. capita than November 2014.

As an example, there are 1092 fewer students on Vesterbro, Nørrebro and Østerbro in November 2017 than three years earlier. In the city centre (Copenhagen K), the amount of students was increasing steadily since the mid 00’s and has decreased since 2016.

(Source: August 2019.)

Time to create a new way to live

Using innovative building techniques, new ownership models, new ways of financing and building compact private spaces with large shared spaces, CPH Village offer economically sustainable homes in central parts of the city. The Village housing prices are currently 30% below the market average (for a room).

“We know that solving the student housing crisis is complex, but in CPH Village, we hope to find some solutions that help us in the right direction. CPH Village is on a mission to create the best place to live at an affordable price.”
– Frederik Noltenius Busck, Co-founder

Affordable housing has many virtuous effects, higher chances of study completion and better mental health being two of them. The license to operate is to solve problems, not creating new ones.

Follow our journey towards a more sustainable life in the city.

Ida Lundorff