Village entrepreneurship



The early movers to a developing part of town will often have to make do without all perks of living in a buzzing city. Typically, kiosks and supermarkets move in after urban life has been created in an area. The pioneers in our Village on Refshaleøen, an until recently industrial area, have a playground of 500.000 m2, albeit few places to get goods and groceries.

We believe in building communities that take action to improve life in the village, and posed a challenge to our villagers; how can we build a kiosk that solves the daily shopping needs of the village while making sense as a business?

We assembled a team of four village entrepreneurs responsible for designing, building and launching the operation. Together, we created vision for the kiosk, the strategy and the budgets to reach the goals set out.


The store is called Molevitten and is located by the dock in CPH Village Refshaleøen. The Molevitten team consist of a Merchant, a Cashier, a Designer and a Marketer:

Laura is the Merchant, responsible for sourcing the right goods and matching the schedule with foot traffic. She is already seeing how Molevitten is more than a kiosk: “It is a place where people can come to chill, have a chat and talk about their problems and dreams.”

Nikolaj is the in-house designer working on physical solutions, both indoor and outdoor: “For me, it’s about getting involved and making it our kiosk. We know each other and the community we are serving.”

Malte is working with marketing Molevitten, ensuring that it attracts people from the village and the outside: “I love getting to know new people, and you get that opportunity by working here.”

Aya is the cashier and is ready to lend a hand with any issue that pops up: “Our closest supermarket is 2km away. If you’re in need of some basics - we’ve got you covered.”

The shop stocks essentials for life in a student Village; plenty of drinks and snacks, tinned goods and spices, toilet paper and other necessities and once a week, fresh vegetables:

“A lot of the villagers are interested in sustainable eating habits, and therefore we are cooperating with GRIM, a vegetable company delivering ugly veggies that would be discarded by the supermarkets, but are still great to eat. They are delivered straight to our doorstep, comes at a good price and help us reduce food waste.”

- Laura, Merchant in Molevitten.


In my backyard, please

A central challenge to starting a commercial operation in a residential area is the “not in my backyard” phenomenon. While everyone wants the benefits of a service, people are less willing to accept the “costs” associated. The challenge, then, is to flip that to “in my backyard, please” by tuning in to the neighbours’ needs and worries.


Store of the future

With a hyper local and loyal base of customers, Molevitten is set to be an optimal test site for store innovations. For instance, is there grounds to create a trust-system where everyone can self-service the store 24/7? What items are essential for the neighbourhood kiosk vs. supermarkets and shopping apps? How can the kiosk strengthen the events and activities that are ongoing in the Village?

These questions are part of the daily operations of Molevitten as we are trying to build it to become the store of the future.

Åsmund Hogstad