Compact living: Cecilie

The residents at CPH Village get their own, compact home and access to a plethora of shared spaces. We have set out to explore how the villagers shape their space according to their needs.

Meet Cecilie


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Cecilie is a 27 year old Copenhagener who studies graphic design.

”I study graphic design because I’ve always been a creative person. I can put that into good use by creating cool concepts that can make a difference for a company one day.”

“Photography is a great interest of mine. Back in the day I thought I would be a photographer but, you know, life happens and dreams change…  I love taking photos as a hobby now.”


Only the items that matter

Cecilie studied in Australia and extended her four month exchange to last a full year living down under.


“I now have two places in the world that I can call home. To avoid getting too “homesick” while i’m in Copenhagen I’ve decorated my home with inspiration from Queensland’s beautiful colors and nature.

At one point, I thought I wasn’t going to come back home again. I was ready to leave everything behind.

I did, however, decide to come back. Afterwards it seemed easy to get rid of unnecessary stuff because the relations you share with people are the only things that matter.”

“This a photo of me with some of my closest Australian friends. They’re like family now.”

“This a photo of me with some of my closest Australian friends. They’re like family now.”

Every bit of furniture and small pieces have a meaningful connection and story she holds close to heart.


Life in C-topia

“I love that I can live close to nature in spite of living in the city. It’s a dream to be able to live here and study what I do. They way we live in the Village is special. We have space for privacy but we get along so well that we end up spending a lot of time together.


I mostly get together with those who also live in block C. We call it C-Topia because we like the idea of creating a utopia in our shared space. We want our terrace to feel like an inviting space for everyone to use.”


Check Cecilie’s Instagram at @cdemant

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