Village Handbook

Welcome to the Village Handbook. We are very pleased to borrow your attention, and hope to make it worthwhile. It might well be the best procrastination you’ll do today.

By scrolling, you’ll get an idea of who CPH Village is, what it’s like to live in one of our villages and how you get the most out of living there. If you are not living with us and just want to have a peak into our lives, that’s totally cool, too.


 What is CPH Village?

CPH Village is a Copenhagen-based real estate startup. We are exploring co-living by building and running student villages made out of modular houses. Our journey started in 2014 when Frederik and Michael wanted to make Corporate Social Responsibility more than a section in the yearly report. They were looking to found a company that would solve a societal problem and grow the impact by growing the company. Without knowing anything about the construction industry, they decided to construct student housing from upcycled ship containers.

They build a test house out of three upcycled ship containers and spent a lot of time talking to politicans and the press. After a lot of hard work, the approval for the first village was signed and things quickly got underway.

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 Newbie in the village? Here’s what you should do.

  1. Join the Villager Facebook group for intros and all the rest of it (it’s so secret that you’ve received an invite to your email)

  2. Get to know your flatmate. Here are some ways to go about that (link to how-to-page).

  3. Find a Village Club (link to club overview) that sparks your interest and… go clubbing!

  4. Explore the area. Our villages are located in some of the most exciting parts of Copenhagen.

  5. Connect with us - we want to see what’s up! Our handle is @cph_village and @cphvillage, depending which app you prefer to tune in on.

 Village values

We take action: that means that we want to inspire communities who are proactive about making their lives better. “be the change you want to see in the world”-kind of stuff.

We work to make sustainable choices convenient: We care about our future and believe that we want to adapt our life to that consideration. Therefore we want to make sustainability part of our lives.

We are curious about each other and the city: We want to meet, collaborate and co-create with each other and with people from the city. Therefore, we are welcoming and share what we learn. Cause thats the only way we can spread our solutions.

We test until we find answers: venturing into the unknown means that the end-result is also unknown. We believe in getting started and adapting along the way.

village values white_lower.png

 How do I…?

We’ll try to answer that. Below are our best tips at how to get started.

1) How to host an event

2) How to get to know your flatmate

3) How to decorate my room

4) How to start a village club

5) How to

We will update the list as we learn how to get on. Often, however, your fellow villagers have the latest knowledge, so don’t hesitate to post stupid questions in the FB group!

 What is it like to live in CPH Village?

GIFs and testimonials below. Apply and follow at the very bottom.