Do I qualify for living in CPH Village?

To be considered as a villager, you must have at least one year left in your studies.

You must be able to document that you are enrolled or have applied for one of the following types of education:

  • University approved for SU (State education grants).

  • Specially planned education (Særlig tilrettelagt Uddannelse, STU).

  • A School of Production (Produktionsskole).

Moreover, you must be below 30 years of age when you send your application.

How do i edit my application?

You can edit your application by sending it again, using the same email as the last time.

How does CPH Village choose villagers?

We celebrate, support and thrive on diversity for the benefit of our community. Therefore we choose new Villagers based on student background and interests. Not just your number on the list.

We invite new villagers when space clears up in existing villages and when we populate new ones. In both cases, relevant applicants are asked to confirm their interest in moving in.


How does an apartment look?

The official calculation on your lease is 20 m2. It is a gross figure which includes your private space, outer walls, half the hallway, bathroom and a share of an outer stairwell.

In practical terms your private space is 11 m2. You share a hallway and bathroom with one person and you have access to a large community space and outdoor areas.


Block in CPH Village 1

A block consists of two levels with four apartment on each level.


What is included in my apartment?

The apartments are not furnished.

All the apartments have electricity, heat from water-based radiators and water.

You'll get a small fridge & freezer, sink, ventilation system, and two portable induction cooking tops. You may install your own microwave oven, but this does not come by default.

We will provide roller shades when you move in. It's up to you to install them.

There is free WiFi in the community house, but not in the apartments. Therefore, we recommend villagers to use their own mobile internet solution - there are a number of affordable subscriptions that include unlimited data.


Have a look at our Village Handbook for reading our ideas and dogmas for life in the Village.

What is the Community Space?

Our Community Space is open to Villagers and visitors. It's a space to connect, meet, share ideas and exchange things, study and host events.

We’re inspired by Absalon, a former church turned into community space, that hosts a loads of events from yoga classes to parties, book clubs, game nights and table tennis tournaments.

Our Community Space will evolve over time so we can test out new ideas together and find out what works for us and the rest of the city. Right now we’re working on setting up community dinners so we visitors and villagers can share an affordable meals and talk about the future of living.

Will I share my apartment with anyone?

Your private apartment is one half of a container with a small kitchen with sink + fridge and freezer. You share bathroom/shower with one person.

We’ll pair you up with a person of the same gender as you.

What are the house rules?

We want to make our Village a great place for studying and having fun.

Along with your rental agreement we’ll also include a set of community guidelines:

The short version is between 10pm and 8am on weekdays we’ll keep it quiet. Villagers should be considerate of each other and keep in mind you’re living with fellow students, so parties and music should be kept at respectful level.

During exams season (May-June and December-January) it’s quiet at 10pm on weekdays and at midnight on the weekends.

How can I join CPH Village?

You can join CPH Village by sending an application to move in.