The Village Way

We want to create the best place to live. For people and for the planet.

In the next five years, our goal is to offer 2500 homes in Copenhagen and demonstrate the sustainable life as the most attractive. We work to reach that goal by strengthening sustainability in three dimensions; Social, Environmental and Economical:

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👋 Social

Because strong communities foster empowered citizens. We want to create villages where people are happy with their everyday lives and positive about their future.

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🌍 Environmental

Because we need to change how we live. The resources of one Planet Earth should be enough to support a world of villagers.

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💶 Economical

Because we want to make the best available for the many. The Village Life should be achievable for under 1000 USD per month.


Our villagers are at the forefront of our exploration. The community is characterised by taking action, being curious and creating better solutions by working together. Our way of living together is guided by the following principles:

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How to village

👋 We say hi to each other.

🔨 We find answers by testing solutions.

✨ We leave things better than they were.

♻️ We share what we own and reuse what we can.

🗣️ We value diverse perspectives and different opinions.

🔓 We invite our neighbours to join our exploration.

Follow our exploration in the Village Journal. Join us by sending an application below.




Want to join activities in your backyard and meet other Villagers?

Here’s an overview of the groups in CPH Village Refshaleøen. All groups are organized and run by Villagers who put in the extra effort to make sure cool events happen in our Community Space or around your new neighbourhood.



Village Party Committee

No Village is complete without party starters. The Village party committee has taken it upon themselves to make sure you can dance with your neighbours on a monthly basis. 

“Our expertise lies in: Respectfully loud music, sweet lovin’ and unforgettable themed parties - we're open to active members wanting to participate in the various activities surrounding organizing parties and chill-bars; such as setup, bartending and developing the way we host get-togethers for villagers and friends alike.”

The Party Committee is meant as a fun initiative to bind Villagers together, there’s no requirement to attend every single meeting, they’re here to have a great time together - helping setup parties and taking a bar-shift every now and then are the primary things they do.

Next party? Join the Facebook group.


Village Sunday Dinner Club

Food lovers! Social nuts! Everybody who hates making food for themselves on Sundays! We are a couple of volunteers who are making food. We will do this every Sunday evening and everybody who wants to be part of the happy kitchen should come join in the Community Space. Get with it! 

Throw some of your pocket money in the box for the communal banquet, bring your hot plate, good mood, tableware and take your neighbour by the hand and join for delicious food (and lots of Hygge ofc). It’s an ongoing process of planning from Sunday to Sunday: what’s for dinner and who will be the masterchefs of the week.

Find the next dinner by visiting their Facebook group.


Village Climbers

We live right next door to Blocs & Walls, the biggest climbing centre in Scandinavia. The Village climbing Club goes bouldering just next door 1-3 a week.

If you’re not an expert in climbing 10-15 meters with rope don’t panic, you can book an instructor to get started. Or better yet, ask the group?


Village Swimmers

You’re living right next door to an all-year outdoor pool. Well sort of. The harbour is right outside. Join the swim club to coordinate early morning swims to get a head start to your day or how about swimming in the winter? All we need is a sauna.

Join the Facebook group to get the latest updates on when your neighbours jump in the water.


Village Market

Have an unused set of pants that needs a new owner? Dusty books you’d like to swap? Or that customized bed frame you want to sell? Visit the Village Market to upgrade your closet and to give your belongings a new life.

Anne-Marie, who initiated the group would love organize a clothing swop or flea market, so get in touch if you want to help make it happen.


Green Team

We have decided to make this group for villagers who are interested in taking action to make everyday life in CPH Village more green and sustainable.

This group can be used to pitch ideas, arrange meetings, update on initiatives, join initiatives, sharing knowledge and sustainability tips/tricks/life hacks etc. 

Feel free to share your ideas and find people who want to help the ideas come true!

Want to help set up events like kambucha-brewing, picking up trash in harbour in kayaks, making plant hangers or figuring out a new way to sort trash? If you have an idea on how to make sustainable living more fun and convenient join their Facebook group. Loads of green activities in the works.


Village Buddies

A group of loving and generous experts who welcome newbies to the Village. Who better to show you the ropes and give you insider tips than a Villager?  You’ll get a buddy offer when you move in. Say yes and a person will reach out and invite you for an informal tour with loads of local tips. Over the next month you’ll be invited to events and a buddy dinner to meet other new Villagers. 

Our dream is to offer buddies from your own block. So when a new banana moves into the Banana block you’ll get a Banana buddy :) We’re looking for new buddies, so please join the group if you’re up for helping.


Start a group

Didn’t find a book club? A group of movie night organizers? Are you looking for music-aficionados to jam with or someone to go forage berries with next Fall?

We’re happy to help you find others with similar interests and get a group started. Click the box to send us an email and get the ball rolling.




Our Community Space is open to Villagers 24/7. It is our largest shared space to hang out and connect with each other. 6 repurposed shipping containers stacked on top of each create an open floor plan with 9 meters to the ceiling. We also have a laundry and community kitchen.

We host curated public events inviting the City to join us. In the past we’ve had political debates, parties, community dinners, talks, bon fire nights, clothing swops and much more. Our events is a way to explore topics of community and sustainable everyday living through shared experiences. We have teamed up with collaborators such as Kulturtårnet på Knippelsbro, University of Copenhagen, BLOXHUB Science Forum, GRO SELV, GRIM and many others.

Have an idea for an event? We’re happy to help make it happen. Please fill out a booking request below.


Event highlights

Spring Festival
Once a year Villagers meet to beautify our shared spaces. We build and plant flower beds, paint benches and tables and get crafty together to create plant hangers.

Bonfire night
We teamed up with GRO SELV to explore how to use the ressources right outside our door, in the neighborhood. We collected scrap wood, learned how to make fire, and shared a hot meal on a cold day.

Clothing and seed swop
What’s easier than emptying out your closet and swopping old clothes for new gems? One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Pimp your mailbox
One of our first rituals to connect with your new neighbor. On this day many new Villagers met their roomie for the first time and decorated their shared mail box.

Talks about communities and friendship
We teamed up with female-powered start-up Rumlig to explore topics of belonging and friendship through conversation. We encourage guests to share personal stories of feeling connected to something bigger than ourselves to inspire each other and engage in conversations that go beyond everyday small-talk.

 Community Space Calendar

See what’s up in the Community Space by browsing the calendar below. Want to book the Community Space? Fill out the booking form.