From a small town in Jutland, Ann-Marie is 24 years old and studies upholstery in Copenhagen.

“I moved to CPH Village because I thought it was a meaningful project. Plus, I needed a new place to live! It is super nice to finally have my own space.”

She is a pioneer at Refshaleøen as she was one of the first to move in to the Village. As an avid concert-goer, she quickly decided to join the Village Party Commitee.


“After having moved houses seven times in one year, I was one of the first students to join CphVillage”




“I am studying upholstery because I think it is very interesting to make old furniture new again. To give pieces a second change and a new life.”


Anne-Marie made her own mattress and built two benches to create her bed.


Creativity in limited space


“It is funny to see how many things you actually do not need.”

“When there is not much space, you really need to think about what you surround yourself with.”



More sustainable

When she moved to CPH Village, the villagers did not have the green bins for organic waste. Therefore, she ordered 168 of them. Now, everyone can recycle their waste.


The community



“We do party a lot, but also just hang out. Especially in the weekends, when someone is sitting outside, we can suddenly be 16 people having a nice time.”

Pablo the cat


“We have a cat out here, his real name is Billy. We named him Pablo, I don’t know why. He is really cute and really likes tuna.”

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